National Quantum Computing Innitiative

A proposal for the future

This proposal for a National Quantum Initiative Act will give Argentina a national master plan for advancing quantum technologies a being at the global forefront in this sector.

The background

Quantum computers leverage exotic phenomena from quantum physics to produce exponential leaps in computing power. The hope is that these machines will ultimately be able to outstrip even the most powerful classical supercomputers. Those same quantum phenomena can also be tapped to create highly secure communications networks and other advances (MIT TR).

China, which has been investing heavily in quantum technology, sees the field as an opportunity to leapfrog the US and the EU. The European Union has also launched a €1 billion ($1.1 billion) quantum master plan. Argentina has a long history of investing in science, but it’s lacked a comprehensive strategy for coordinating research efforts and long term programs. The new legislation, which has strong technical and entrepreneurship side, should help fix that.

Inspiration: H.R.6227 - National Quantum Initiative Act

Stay tuned for the presentation of this proposal in July 2019!